Why Walbrook?

Whilst we advise valued clients throughout the UK across a range of sectors, we are proud to be a specialist law firm based in the City of London, acting for a core client base of both businesses and individuals either based in or closely connected to the Square Mile.

The name “Walbrook” has a number of connections to the City of London. It is one of the City’s 25 wards, in which a street called Walbrook is located as well as a church called St Stephen Walbrook, built by Sir Christopher Wren following the Great Fire of London. Our office is actually located in the ward of Portsoken, with Walbrook located further west.

The Walbrook is also one of the “lost” subterranean rivers in the City of London and played a key role in the Roman settlement of what the Romans called Londinium. It is thought that the river was named Walbrook because it ran through or under the London Wall, though some believe that the name comes from “Weala broc” meaning “brook of the Welsh”. The source of the stream started in what is now Moorfields, flowing right into the centre of the walled city – just past the spot where the Bank of England is today – and into the River Thames, near where Cannon Street Railway Bridge is now situated.